Artist Statement

Visual Arts has always played a major role in our world, and an even bigger one in my mine, giving us the freedom to express our views, thoughts and that which we are unsure of. We are constantly inspired and moved by visually striking imagery.

Photographs allow us to be sensitive and expose a version of our character to those we keep close or for strangers to see. I use photography to create a permanent mark of myself, forcing it to travel to places that I haven’t been myself — as a multi-format photographer I’m only limited by my own will, as my work can be present in many locations at once.

My drive, Koinophobia: the fear of living an ordinary life. I fear my existence will be meaningless unless I create, and continue to create, photographs that show the world through my eyes, no one else’s.

My prints are the proof, you are my witness.

 I use photography to compose and demonstrate a more elegant, intricate view of the world and the human body. I constantly push myself to go beyond the world of snapshots by carefully arranging shapes and lines to create a far more interesting concept, having light carve dimension and contrast out of the design of said subject. I use the existing features of my subject and different lighting styles to portray images that are strong, abstract, striking, personal.

jesus2572 8x10.jpg